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The Well Planning Department of the company uses COMPASS Landmark software, it is an engineering application providing fast and accurate design of directional and horizontal wells and wells with complex trajectory, analysis and identification of possible cases of collision of adjacent well bores.
This system improves safety, efficiency and economy for directional wells design. COMPASS application includes user-friendly tools (modules) for design using various methods, optimization of costs and loads, possible collisions analysis diagrams, tools for storage and analysis of survey data and selection of jar optimal location.

Torque/Drag module allows the user to analyze tensions of the work string, torque and friction force at the stage of design and well operation. b62.jpgSoftware module helps to prevent problems associated with longitudinal bending of strings and fatigue of materials, identify possible damage locations of drilling strings, calibrate friction coefficients in open and cased sections of the well bore, survey various drilling muds parameters effect the processes during downhole operations. Problems in the well can be diagnosed at early stages when comparing predicted parameters with actual data registered during drilling.

Stuck pipeTMmodule analyzes sticking of drilling tools,
It calculates the depth of sticking, efforts during drilling tool reciprocating, efforts required for jar charging and actuation, as well as effort and torque required for string to be backed off.

b64.pngBottom Hole AssemblyTM module allows for modeling drilling characteristics of controlled BHA for directional drilling using finite element method. The module helps to predict BHA behavior during drilling and supports assemblies modeling with borehole bent sub.

Critical Speed AnalysisTM module is a tool for BHA and drilling string behavior modeling, determining critical rotation speeds and high stresses concentration points in the drilling string using finite elements method and analysis of artificial frequency characteristics.

НydraulicsTM module allows for selecting optimal combinations of bits andb65.jpg drilling mud to maximize performance.
НydraulicsTM module allows for performing full calculation of the circulation system, selecting the right size of bits for optimal ROP and analyzing equivalent density of circulating drilling mud to prevent troubles associated with pore pressure and hydraulic fracturing. In addition, well cleaning can be analyzed.