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To provide telemetry support the company uses state-of-the-artb21.jpg innovative equipment by leading world manufacturers, such as:
- Tensor MWD with hydraulic communication channel manufactured by GE Energy;
- APS SureShot MWD with hydraulic communication channel manufactured by APS Technology.

1) Tensor™ MWD with hydraulic communication channel manufactured by GE Energy

Tensor MWD with hydraulic communication channel manufactured by GE Energy allows for obtaining directional survey data (deviator rotation angle, zenith angle, azimuth) and additional parameters (shock loads, shocks and vibrations) in real-time mode.
Advantages of Tensor MWD:
1) 100% recoverability and possibility of resetting in case of drill string sticking, it allows for reducing the risk of equipment loss, replace separate geothermal surveying system module, power element, if it is required during works.
2) Possibility of operating in high temperature conditions up to 175⁰С.
3) Flexible modular design allowing for sensor installation in various positions.
4) Low power consumption - 400 hours of operation due to use of the stepper type pulsator (last generation).
5) Certified as a measuring tool.
6) Shock and vibration are recorded in real-time mode.
7) Guaranteed maintenance interval of the geothermal surveying system module – 1,000 hours.
8) Design of Tensor MWD telemetry system is compatible with various NMDC diameters from 3 ½ inches (88.9 mm) to 9 ½ inches (241.3 mm) and operates at various flow rates from 75 to 1,200 gpm (from 4.73 to 75.7 liters per second).

Operating characteristics of Tensor MWD telemetry system:

Flow range4.7-10 l/s, outer diameter of the drill collar - 89.0 mm
6.3-19 l/s, outer diameter of the drill collar - 120.7 mm
9.5-38 l/s, outer diameter of the drill collar - 165.0 mm
25.2-75.7 l/s, outer diameter of the drill collar - 209.6 mm
Pressure difference6.9 bar at 25.2 l/s
Data transferPositive impulses
Positive impulsesLithium battery operating at temperature of up to +150°C or +175°C. Operation time from 175 to 200 hours/set of batteries.
Operational modesSequence and set of transmitted data fully selected by the operator, as well as programming capabilities of the MWD from the surface. Flexible operation software. Possibility to choose resolution capability and update rate - all parameters.
Maximum error of horizontal offset 0.8m / 300m or tapered error of ±0.15° maximum
Accuracy of channel measurement±0,1°
Accuracy of measuring front mark position±0,5°
Accuracy of measuring magnetic inclination±0,1°
Impurity concentration40-50 parts per billion, any size

Ground equipment:
  • Driller's monitor.
  • Interface for safe area.
  • Pressure sensor on the ascending pipe..
  • Depth control system (optional).
  • Connecting cables.

Downhole equipment:
  • Extracted and installed.
  • Functional at bottomhole temperatures of up to 150°C and 175°C..
  • MWD probe.
  • Orientation sensors.
  • Portable battery power supply.
  • Pulse generator/Pulsator.
  • Optional gamma probe.
  • Spring or ribbed centralizers.

Diameter: 47.8 mm
Length: 7.6 m standard assembly for orientation

2) APS SureShot MWD with hydraulic communication channel manufactured by APS Technology.

APS SureShot telemetry system together with a rotary pulsator of the second generation provides reliable telemetry support during directional drilling and allows for obtaining exact values of azimuth, zenith angle, deviator position transmitted at high speed, it allows for passing complex well trajectories of any profile - from vertical to horizontal ones.

Advantages of Tensor APS SureShot telemetry system:
1) SureShot downhole assembly is equipped with sensor module with magnetometers calibrated according to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA) standard, reliable rotary pulsator* and batteries and/or turbine generator for power supply.
2) SureShot modular design provides for a possibility to connect additional sensors, such as gamma-ray logging module and/or vibration control module.
3) Each probe is protected by modern and unique vibration isolation system and is placed in a protective casing made of beryllium bronze or non-magnetic alloy.
4) Rotary pulsator of the second generation is one of the most reliable transmitters along the hydraulic channel in the industry. Reliable, high-performance brushless motor and controller with open flow design, positive pulse and control of preventing jamming almost eliminates the possibility of pulsator jamming or clogging. APS rotary pulsator is easily modified for use in recoverable and unrecoverable configurations providing increased reliability of unrecoverable version or possibility to recover the system in case of sticking.
5) Large number of signal encoding and decoding schemes allows for quickly optimizing the data obtained for maximum speed or maximum data reliability.
6) APS unique power management module allows for operating the system with double set of batteries or a combination of power supply from APS batteries of the turbine generator.

Operating characteristics:

Measurement range of zenith angle0° - 180°
Measurement accuracy of zenith angle±0,1°
Measurement range of azimuth0° - 360°
Measurement accuracy of azimuth±1.0°(Angle>10, Dip<70°)
Measurement accuracy of
the deviator position (gravitational)
Measurement accuracy of
the deviator position (magnetic)
Gamma-ray logging sensor
Calibrated in API units, range of 0 - 180 API ±5% at 300°F (150°C)±10% at 350°F (175°C) (with standard conversion coefficient in API 1.35 API counts/sec)


InclinometerTriaxial magnetometer, Quartz accelerometers°
Gamma-ray logging sensor
Scintillation detector with photo-electronic multiplier