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Operation site designing carried out on the basis of the geological assignment issued by the Customer. Geological and geophysical exploration maturity, stratigraphy, tectonics and oil bearing capacity of the region are described based on the materials available. Methodological and technological parameters of the site are calculated.
Software in use:
- Geoland, Geovecteur Field (CGG, France). 
- Mesa Expert (Green Mountain Geophysics, USA). 
- Pikeza (Open-end Geoseiscontrol Research and Production Center CJSC).

Calculations are made to determine the requisite quantity of:
  • specialists and workers;
  • residential and production premises;
  • equipment, mechanisms;
  • caterpillar, motor and utility vehicles.

Operating budget is calculated, and breakeven point is determined.
When designing field seismic prospecting job at sites located both in complex natural conditions and poorly developed areas and in the areas that were developed a long time ago, the requirements of industrial, labor and economic safety imply using a detailed, accurate and up-to-date geospatial basis. This basis includes high-resolution satellite images and, if required, visual terrain reconnaissance using motor vehicles and helicopter.