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   In order to increase formation recovery rate, reduce payback periods of field development and comply with the subsoil and environment protection rules, it is necessary to carry out constant field management by collecting, processing and summarizing the initial information about the deposit to acquire reliable information about the current state and development performance trends, which is achieved by using a logging package in the active and monitoring wells.

   When operating active vertical, directional and horizontal wells, it is necessary to carry out hydrodynamic and production well logging surveys from time to time to acquire necessary information so as to set up the operation mode, especially during flooding, repair and insulation works. The most essential parameters of the operated facility are effective working thickness of the reservoir, intervals of hydrocarbon and water penetration (inflow profile), current water- and oil saturation of reservoirs in the process of operation, efficiency of deposit drainage along the borehole, etc.

   Integrated equipment for survey of producing wells manufactured by Geofizika Research and Production Company JSC is represented by a whole range of devices with various characteristics and individual features.

   SAKMAR-A equipment is used for survey of wells in the self-contained mode without using a logging wire.

   Monitoring of the production process in wells equipped with an electric centrifugal pump in real-time is carried out using SAKMAR-ETsN equipment being a part of the SPRUT software and hardware package that is well known and demanded on the market.

   AGAT equipment of various designs is used for survey of the producing wells in the real time with logging wire.


Wire systems

Apart from integrated wire devices for survey of low recovery wells, special РН-28 and РТ-36 packer flow meters are used on the wire.

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